FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


1) The Group always stays together and no one gets left behind.
This is due to the nature of this event, where the journey is the reward, since there is no finish line and speed is self regulated by the genius of Group-Dynamics. In the beginning, when the field is bigger, there are more stops for restroom breaks and red traffic lights, which must be obeyed, sometimes split up the group for a minute, but only after every walker has crossed a green light, does the group continue together. This is for security reasons also for walkers without support crew, who are watched by the other walkers in the group.
The common competitive and aggressive attitude of "regular" races with a finish line, where speed is important, do not appear at Extra Mile Endurathons. When you walk and talk with other walkers over an extended period of hours and days, get to meet their friends and families and become friendly with them while sharing food and experiences, foundations for friendships for life are laid.
When more and more people leave the race and the racecourse is internalized, the core group of competitors finds its own rythm and speed automatically and everybody evens each other out. When a competitor needs medical attention, the other walkers wait for a doctor or ambulance to arrive and applaud each Extra Miler exiting an Endurathon, hugs, tears, phone numbers and email addresses are exchanged and a majority of Extra Milers return to the racecourse after a few hours of rest to support the other competitors still in the race.

2) We meet 1.5 hours before the race starts at the actual start of the race and every walker gets an orange vest with their name and number on it and we answer all questions in person, which have not been clarified upfront by email or on the website.
Every Extra Miler keeps the orange vest for the next Endurathons they will probably participate in, because you get hooked on the happy and humble feelings you experience, when you explore and expand your own mind after leaving your common comfort zone.

3) Hotel rooms are for everybody to organize on their own just like at a regular marathon or ultramarathon. People with support crews and/or cars have an automatic little logistical advantage and we highly recommend having crew for moral and material support.

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